Worldwide Cybelian Movement

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There are Cybelian followers in 100 countries Worldwide.


Some women prefer to take a secondary role in their marriages, and be faithful to their husbands. Some prefer to be equal partners in their marriages, just having the occasional extra-marital fling, if any. Some prefer to be the dominant partners in their marriages, and have sex with many other men.



CYBELIAN women marry submissive males who they feel nothing for, cuckolding them with many other men.


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Welcome to the Cybelians website, online presence of the Cybelian Organisation. We are a movement promoting gynocracy and female-led relationships. Founded in 2004, we have members in 98 countries throughout the World. Our aims are to bring about a Global gynocracy facilitating female-led marriages Worldwide, and to foster Femdom harmony, good health and World peace through human toiletry.


There are two forms of Cybele marriage - the 'vanilla' one for those who prefer loving female-led relationships, and the FemDom one in which the wife feels little or nothing for her husband. The man willingly consents to be kept naked & collared when home, and serve as a toilet to the wife. Cybelian women can cuckold their husbands with as many other men as they wish.


On this site you'll learn all about Cybelianism. If you're not yet a Cybelian, we hope you'll join us.

There are three kinds of women