Worldwide Cybelian Movement


After a while of being married, I decided that if this type of marriage worked for me, then it would work also for other women, provided they could find similarly submissive men. I decided to form Cybelians to help women find marriages and relationships of this nature. It would also help abused women to gain control of their lives.

In the normal course of events, discerning a prospective partner's personality is a lengthy and arduous process. It is called dating. Unfortunately, initial impressions often prove to be false. Many women have found that the sweet man they married is in fact an aggressive, mean-spirited individual. By that time, it is too late to do anything about it other than eventually escape. As these type of men usually control the marital finances, it is very difficult for the woman to escape the marriage.

I concluded that what was needed in the World was an organisation comprised entirely of women who did not want marriage with Alpha males, and men who were content to be the submissive partner in a female-led relationship. This led directly to the formation of the Cybelian Movement, and resulted in a Worldwide membership both of women wanting female-led marriages and men content to be the secondary partner.

Cybelian members are evenly divided between women and men in everyday female-led relationships, and those who also adopt various elements of FemDom (female domination) in their marriages - involving marital practices which do not suit everyone. Whichever form the marriage takes it is the wife's decision, although it is decided before the wedding.

Today we have members in 97 different countries throughout the World. It is the fastest growing movement of it's kind in history, and before long we will have members in every country in the World.

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